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My Favourite Friends VHS Cover :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 Flame, Talonflame! :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 Lana and Poppilo :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 Happy Pokemon Day! :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 Lysandre :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 0 0 My Friends From Dream Street - Original VHS Cover :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 My Sense Of Right Alliance (2) :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 3 0 My Sense Of Right Alliance (1) :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 2 0 Cum Ride On Baldy :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 We cannot let this man become president :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 Sopperman - HD Edition (Nintendo Switch) :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 Hi Dogge :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 The Sound Book :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 Droom Stroot :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 1 0 This is the defintion of Hell :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 3 0 12 Hours Apart :iconretropokefan:RetroPokeFan 2 0


Characters in Crotoonia voiced by RetroPokeFan
Here is a list of characters from TheMilanTooner's Railways of Crotoonia who'll be voiced by RetroPokeFan
1.Sir Reginald
3.Goods Manager
:iconduel-express:Duel-Express 1 2
Wobbuffet used Mirror Coat! :iconsergiart:SergiART 47 4 Ash and his DP Pokemon :icongaiash:Gaiash 24 6 Pokemon Ash - Charmander was caught in Kanto 2013 :icongt4tube:GT4tube 67 14 Pokemon Ash Ketchum - Cave in Kanto Remake HD 2013 :icongt4tube:GT4tube 115 14 commission114 4 justicegundam :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 134 26 Ash and Ash-Greninja :iconmmdsatoshi:MMDSatoshi 88 2 Pikachu's Gigavolt Havoc :iconpokemonsketchartist:Pokemonsketchartist 2 0 Shanti Gets HIGH AS FUCK With Phil Collins :iconchopfe:Chopfe 36 6 hoo does shag meet :iconmrlorgin:mrlorgin 42 5 Inkay - Little Glee Monster :iconpicassiokumura:PicassiOkumura 4 0 Braixen - Little Glee Monster :iconpicassiokumura:PicassiOkumura 25 7
Top 10 TV Shows of my Childhood
OK Guys, I just want to tell you about the Top 10 TV Shows of my Childhood, because that's something I always wanted to share.
Here we go.
#10 Funnybones: Quite an obvious one this one, after what I said about Undertale and Funnybones being quite the same thing. I remember watching it as a child. And TBH, Skeletons have always been cool to me. My favourite fictional skeletons are Mr.Bones, from the game of the same name, the Guitar Playing Skeleton who is awesome, especially that guitar solo, the other Skeleton Duo from Grim Fandango, which I haven't played yet but am considering, Eddie The Head, although he's not technically a Skeleton, is one of my favourites, ''Ghost'' Riley from COD is another as well. But my favourite skeletons at the moment are Sans and Papyrus from Undertale. This Show, like I said, is pretty much what Sans and Papyrus would be like in the 1990s.
#9 Smart: Watching this these days is a little bit sad, Mark Speight, who is one of my favourite Artist TV Personalit
:iconmdscarfaceone:mdscarfaceone 1 0
Star! The first ten people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 
Star! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in as well (in addition to your ten comments).
Star! The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
Started by :iconazulmimi99:

Korra smirk sketch by Icverano525DATen Cents by Icverano525DA
Cum Ride On Baldy by RetroPokeFanDroom Stroot by RetroPokeFan12 Hours Apart by RetroPokeFan
:iconthemilantooner:TheMilanTooner 2 5
Pokemon X and Y Anime :iconmarlenesstamps:Marlenesstamps 69 0 Stamp - Team Flare :iconkaitoupirate:kaitoupirate 24 6



My Favourite Friends VHS Cover
A VHS cover of a compilation vid called My Favourite Friends. This was a title only available at Tesco at the time of it's release and featured many of the Carlton children's titles on here including full episodes as well as sneak peeks.

The Dream Street ep is actually The Best Of Dream Street, a preview showing random clips from various episodes.


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United Kingdom
I'm from YouTube and Vid.Me and i'm also wanting to be a voice actor (you can hear me on Railways Of Crotoonia soon). For this though, I'll be doing mostly memes for your pure enjoyment.





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